This is a historic shopping street, located along the former Hokkoku Kaido highway, approximately five minutes’ walk from Komatsu Station.

Access from Komatsu Station
5 minutes walk from Komatsu station west entrance, about 3 minutes by bicycle
※There is no need to worry about getting lost. To get to the area, simply walk straight without taking any turns after exiting Komatsu Station.
Access from Komatsu Airport
Approximately 12 minutes by taxi, Komatsu Station is very easily accessible from the airport. The fare will be about ¥1,570.
(※This taxi fare is an estimate and may vary depending on traffic conditions at the time of travel. Please take this as an approximate figure. Taxi fares are calculated on mileage and do not take into consideration waiting time at traffic signals or during traffic jams.)
Access from Hokuriku Expressway
Approximately 10 minutes by car from Komatsu IC
Approximately 20 minutes by car from Katayamazu IC
Approximately 30 minutes by car from Kaga IC

parking map

Mikkaichi Parking
Number of cars parked:115
Price:【30 minutes】¥100
Komatsu Grand Hotel Parking
Number of cars parked:30
Price:【guest(1night)】¥800 【General(1H)】¥400 【After every 30 minutes】¥100 【Receipt issue】possible
【Cash】JPY only 【Credit Card】No
Komatsu Station Front Multistory parking space
Number of cars parked:308
Price:【Max(1day)】¥1000 【1H】¥100 【After every 30 minutes】¥50 【Receipt issue】possible
【Cash】JPY only 【Credit Card】No
Toorimachi combining old and new.